Uninsured? Ways to Save on Healthcare

Uninsured?  Ways to Save on Healthcare

If you’re uninsured, you know how problematic getting sick can be.  You can barely make a trip to the doctor’s office for under $75.  And that’s just to see the doctor.  Add up the cost of prescriptions and you could be looking at a big price tag for a little flu.  For the bigger issues like broken bones or a stay in the hospital – you will probably be looking at bills in the thousands of dollars.

Private Insurance

If you are one of those people who, for whatever reason, can’t afford the cost of private insurance and don’t qualify for any state aid, you may have options for your healthcare, depending on your medical needs.

Many pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens offer services for minor health issues like strep   throat, pink eye, ear infections, scraps and sprains.  They also offer common vaccines for hepatitis, flu, measles and tetanus.  Many offer physicals, blood pressure screenings, and TB tests.  Most of these are walk-in clinics and have extended hours.

Keep Your Regular Doctor

If want to keep your regular doctor, but know you cannot afford the cost, ask if they have charity care or if you can work out a payment plan.  Many doctors would rather work with you than lose a patient.

For larger issues, you usually have to take a trip to the emergency room.  Many times, hospitals have charity arrangements for those who cannot afford the care.  Be sure to express your concerns during the admittance process.  A hospital cannot refuse you care because you are uninsured or cannot pay.

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