Myths About Car Insurance

car insurance quotesIt is a known fact that almost all the details and information that is provided to customers on the internet that has something to do with car insurance are exaggerated and has a lot of false information. So if you are a client and you want to get authentic information, you will need to know how to differentiate between truth and lies. So here are some of the top lies and myths that are linked to car insurance.

The first lie and myth is that people really believe that any car insurance policy would cover all the things that exist in the car or on the car. They think that anything they put in the car, whether items or enhancements, such as stereos or other kind of devices will be covered by the insurance, despite the fact that it was added after the purchasing of the policy. The truth is, car insurance only covers the big financial damage that would happen to the car itself due to any accident, alongside any major hospital bills resulting from any car accident. As for the personal items and property, it is only covered in other types of insurance such as home insurance.

The second myth is that some people think that any ticket will have a negative effect on the rates of your car insurance. This is partially true, because there are tickets that might increase your rates, but on the other hand, not every single ticket will lead to that. Insurance firms have a set of tickets that they consider as violations of the car insurance policy and would result in increasing the rate. The third myth is that by paying the minimum legal then this will offer you enough coverage. A lot of states requires every person to pay the legal minimum that would offer the driver minimum coverage, this doesn’t mean that this legal minimum will provide you with enough coverage that you might need. It is merely the minimum coverage that is mandated by the authorities.

The fourth myth is that having a No fault insurance policy means that no is wrong in the case of an accident. The reason behind this myth is that the no-fault insurance is named in a very confusing way that causes a lot of people to believe this myth. Whenever an accident happen, there is always going to be some who is at fault, but what the no-fault means is that whoever is wrong, the insurance firm will pay the claim of the accident.

The last myth is that some people believe that the car insurance will also cover the cars you burrow that aren’t yours, which is wrong. The car insurance policy is for the car, and not the driver.

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