Maternity Insurance Woes

CopayMaternity insurance is difficult to find and difficult to plan.  If you are thinking of having a child in the next two years then it would be a good idea to make sure that you have that insurance secured.  Maternity insurance often requires a 12 month period in which you or your spouse do not become pregnant.

There are a few government programs that may be able to assist you depending on your level of income.  Medicaid can provide for pregnant women that fall within the financial requirements of the program.  There is also WIC that can assist in providing nutritious foods for pregnant women.

Unfortunately, if you do not have maternity insurance then you may need to consider other options.  If you are in labor you can go to the emergency room and you will be treated regardless of your ability to pay.  This is the law and if you find yourself in going into labor then this is your best option for care.

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