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Maternity InsuranceMaternity Health Insurance Plans

Your current insurance plan most likely does not include maternity insurance.  If this is the case then you may have some difficulty finding an insurance company offering maternity insurance.  In some states, several insurance companies have put their maternity insurance on hold.  With recent health care reforms being passed into legislation, insurance companies were not in full compliance when it came to their maternity insurance.  If you are lucky and are able to find maternity insurance, be aware that most policies require that you be covered one year prior to becoming pregnant.

Maternity costs are highly expensive, there are costs involved in prenatal care such as vitamins, ultrasounds and office visits.  If you require a specialist then those costs will double.  There are also a lot of expenses related to labor and delivery.  There are government programs that can help.  Many women have to go on Medicaid to help with the expenses of giving birth.


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