Life Insurance Customer’s Concerns

compare best cheap car insuranceThere was a survey that was carried out by Deloitte, this survey was named “The Voice of the Life Insurance Consumer”, it was concerned with life insurance. The results stated the people who don’t have any kind of life insurance don’t have one because of the fact that no provider has offered them to purchase a life insurance policy. The survey also indicated that even people who are already life insured and would want and would consider buying extra coverage say that no insurance companies have contacted them to offer them any additional or extra coverage.

Commenting on the survey, the Vice Chairman for Deloitte, Rebecca C. Amoroso stated that from these results, it is obvious that many people are thinking about purchasing life insurance policies and that it is on their minds. She continued by saying that many of the people who got surveyed, despite having life insurance on their minds, but they don’t have it. This is due to the fact that they haven’t been contacted or offered any policy plans by the providers. Most of the people stated that they will never go on a shopping spree of life insurance policies alone, they have to be solicited by the companies.

This survey was carried out in order to give the insurance firms with a good view of how people look upon life insurance, and what would make them buy it. It also included the level of importance of life insurance to different people, and where it is ranked on the list of their priorities. The survey also provided insight, thoughts and preferences of insured people and uninsured people. It also showed the beliefs and the influences that affect their position towards life insurance policies.

The survey also presented some of the hardships that face the life insurance companies and firms when they pursue their goals to expand their market to reach all of the uninsured and insured people. It also indicted that many of the people, whether insured or not, have no idea if they actually need life insurance or not. Also, if they are insured, they don’t know if they need more coverage or not. Lastly it insisted on the fact that there are a lot of people, who need and want life insurance, but they can’t pay for it, which started to question the high rates and costs of life insurance and how would these costs actually prevent many people from buying it.

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