I Need Car Insurance? Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

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Hopefully it wasn’t the police pulling you over and impounding your car, fining you thousands of dollars and locking you up in jail for you to say to yourself , “I need car coverage”. If that is the case, you may need to get a good legal counsel first before you start thinking about a policy.  It’s unfortunate but lawyers do make a lot of money when someone is imprisoned for not holding a valid policy and in many states, that is exactly what will happen.  Generally, there’s the birds and the bees talk, but there really isn’t ever a question and answer session about car coverage policies.  If there were, it would be easy enough to say, “Dad, do I need full coverage auto insurance” or “Dad, why do you need car insurance?”.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Car insurance protects people financially. There’s so much in the world that can go wrong and nine times out of ten, that something wrong will happen in our vehicles. That’s because we spend a good deal of our waking lives driving from here to there. So if you have ever wondered, Why do I need car insurance or Why do we need car insurance then here’s there answer; money.  Cars are expensive, houses are expensive and broken bones and torn spleens are incredibly expensive.  Insurance repairs what was broken unexpectedly.  It gives us a second chance and makes a lot of what is unfair in the world more balanced.  When it comes to car insurance, it is one of the most easy to obtain and to understand.  If someone hits your car with their car, that’s unfair right?  Should you have to pay for that damage?  No, absolutely not, you were just minding your own business right?  Well, that is what insurance does.  When you are simply minding your own business and someone or something comes out of nowhere and ruins your day, insurance gives you a better chance of setting that day back right.

Full coverage insurance does the same thing for not just you or possibly the person who’s day you just interrupted, but also the lender of your auto loan. Full coverage auto insurance is generally held for cars that are being financed or cars that have to be parked in areas where car break-ins and car theft are rampant. Otherwise, if you own your car outright, then the choice is up to you if you want to have full coverage care insurance. Most states do require that you have at least the minimum car insurance.

Do You Need Car Insurance in New Hampshire?

Like it was mentioned above, most states mandate car insurance, however there are a few states like New Hampshire that don’t require you to. So, do you need car insurance in New Hampshire? Yes, you need it if you can’t cover the cost of an accident basically. You aren’t required to have it, but if you can’t meet the New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility requirements in an accident that is your fault then you will automatically have your driver’s license suspended. If you need any more info on that, then check out http://www.nh.gov/ in the DMV section.

Keep in mind that having insurance and needing it is far better than needing it and not having it. Hopefully, this little birds and bees talk of insurance helped you out. If you have anymore questions about car insurance, leave a comment or check out any of our other insurance articles that we post frequently.

Also, if this has somehow convinced you that you need to get car insurance, then make sure to check out the car insurance quotes tool on the front page of this website to get the lowest car insurance quotes in your state.

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