Food and Agricultural Policy Center Farm Bill

Insurance ClaimsIt has been stated by a representative of the center regarding the efforts of the Food and Agricultural Policy Center concerning their creation of the new Farm bill, he said that everyone knows that the main goal of the committee is to study and estimate all the changes and consequences that would happen by any changes to the farm bill policy. He added that this center was created by the Agriculture Dean due to the request that was made by Charlie Stenholm form the Congress. This center was created in order to carry out extensive studies concerning the agricultural activities and their financial health state across the U.S.  Since the creation of this center back in 1983, for 29 full years the center has been working side by side with the U.S Senate and the House of Representatives through their Agricultural Committees. The center gave these committees all the research and study results it has achieved regarding the consequences of any changes in the farm law policy.

The center is known for providing unique points of view and opinions, and this is due to the fact that the center has been working side to side with commercial groups. These groups have given the center a firsthand experience with the market and its needs, thus providing them with a good idea of the consequences of any policy changes on the farm market. Back in 1983, the center started to gather resources and information through panels of four to six ranchers. These panels are called “representative farms”. These farms are found in the main production areas in the country. Usually, a number of 2 farms would be in every location while using different panels of producers, one would be a panel that represents large farms, and the second one would represent medium sized farms. Some of these panels still have the same farmers that started the operation twenty nine years ago. The data that the center has keeps getting updated every once awhile, this is done through a meeting with the panel owners each 2 or 3 years.

He continued and said that the center has a partnership with FAPRI form the Missouri University, as the FAPRI helps them by giving them the latest predicted prices and the changes in the policy and inflation percentages. The owners of the production panels are given the predicted financial records for the farm they represent, and then they are required to compare this statement with the actual statement of their farm and verify the accuracy of the statement given to them for the last year.



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