Flood Insurance,Louisiana Tries to Stop New Flood Maps

Recently the cities of Alexandria and Pineville, Louisiana have filed suit against both the federal emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The suits were an attempt to delay the release of FEMA’s new floodplain maps. The maps will show that a levee has been de-accredited in the cities parish of Rapides.


The de-accreditation of the levee will cause the majority of both cities to be considered in a floodplain. This declaration would mean they are prone to floods and would be required to purchase flood insurance. While the lawsuit has delayed the release of the maps from January to late March it is still likely they will be put into place.

Flood Insurance

After they are released there is the possibility of an appeal process. This will last around a year which means the effective dates of the maps will not be until early 2012. It is wise for residents to purchase flood insurance before the maps are put into place as it will save money.

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