Alabama Insurance Agencies Quote Comparison

Alabama Insurance Agencies Quote ComparisonAlabama, like many other states are offering information on comparing auto insurance premium quotes.  This is part of a government initiative to educate the nation about auto insurance and other types of insurance as well as the importance of carrying coverage.  It is important to remember that when comparing quotes, there are a lot of varying factors and circumstances that will affect how much you will pay for your insurance.

The Alabama Department of Insurance offers some rates on their websites, but reminds visitors that the State does not endorse specific insurance agencies.  The information for comparison is broken down by ages from 18-60 and between genders.  There are other factors included, but the information is a good indicator of how much one might expect to pay.

For instance,  a 6 month policy for a single female that is twenty-one, has no driving infractions and drives fifteen miles to and from work with a flat credit rating and receives no discounts could expect to pay around $600 low and 2300 high.  Farmers Insurance Exchange seems to be the most expensive policy, Progressive Direct is around the mid range and the USAA Casulty insurance company is the lowest.

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